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The Broadway Pools Vinyl Pool Building Process Back

  1. Planning your backyard dream
    Without a doubt, a new swimming pool can be one of your biggest investments outside your home itself. Adding a swimming pool will not only provide hours of enjoyment for your family but, with proper planning, can enhance the appearance of your home by blending into the landscaping. Good planning starts with Broadway Pools. Broadway Pools can help you realize your backyard dream in many ways.

  2. Functionality first
    Broadway Pools can guide you in selecting the proper location for your pool to ensure that you avoid some of the potential problems that others might overlook. Considering drainage, ingress, egress, and proper ground stability are only a few items Broadway Pools can help you with.

  3. Selecting your design
    Selecting your design with a Broadway pool you have virtually no limit to the design you choose for your new pool. Choose from one of our many premium designs or maybe you’ll want something completely custom for your yard. With our innovation freeform panels you’re not limited to plain rectangles like with some other manufacturers. You may be surprised to find out that the shape that fits your yard may cost less than you think.

  4. Choose your options
    Once you’ve selected the ideal shape pool for your backyard it’s time to decide what innovative features you’ll want to compliment it. You’ll want to add steps and a ladder for sure. An inside Bench will give you a place to stay cool in the pool while allowing you to read or just relax. Maybe a Waterfall spa with its cascading water will top your list. Check out the variety of lighting, controls and easy maintenance features Broadway Pools has to offer. Whatever you decide, you can be sure it’s the right choice when it’s from Broadway Pools.

  5. Time to get the Permit.
    Once you’ve decided on the pool and options, you will need to get a permit from your local municipality. Local code inspectors not only make sure you meet the code but are also there to ensure your safety.

  6. Start Building
    Broadway Pools will work with you to select the proper location and layout of your pool, using a CAD designed dig drawing. Stakes are placed in the ground and precise measurements are taken to determine the wall locations for excavating.

  7. Excavation

    The pool is excavated according to the dig drawings at the location you and Broadway Pools select. A three foot section is excavated outside the wall area to facilitate the wall assembly, X-Braces, plumbing and concrete footer.

  8. Wall Assembly
    The pools walls are assembled on the perimeter starting at the stair. This is the time stairs, seats, and all integral parts of your pool wall system are added. The X-Braces are attached every four feet and at every joint. The plumbing is roughed in and the concrete footer is poured around the perimeter, incasing the bottom of the pool wall, the X-braces, reinforcing rod and the plumbing. Prior to backfilling your pool, your installer will “bond” or ground all metal components according to the local code.

  9. Backfill
    Once the walls are assembled and the footer has cured, the pool can be backfilled if desired. Backfilling is not necessary at this time as the patented X-Braces are designed to support the pool walls independently, even when filled with water. In most cases, Broadway Pools will backfill your pool walls and pour the deck, prior to finishing the bottom and installing the liner. This helps keep the concrete splash from coming in contact with your liner or getting in the pool water. Backfilling prior to filling the pool is an important advantage you have with a Broadway Pools pool. Our pool walls are self supporting at all times and there is no need for pressure equalization while backfilling.

  10. Concrete decking
    Once the backfill is complete, steel reinforcing rods are added throughout the perimeter of the pool, attached to the X-Braces, to form the foundation for your pool deck. Concrete is poured into forms and finished to your specifications. With a Broadway Pools pool you don’t need to compact the earth underneath or wait for it to settle. The patented X-Braces completely support the concrete deck. When the backfill does settle, it actually forms a protective barrier below the concrete, preventing heaving in the winter when the ground may freeze. Pouring your deck immediately means that you can use your pool as soon as it’s complete. Don’t be stuck waiting for your ground to settle before you can have your deck poured – insist on a Broadway pool instead

  11. Finishing the bottom
    Prior to installing the liner, Broadway Pools will finish the pool bottom with a mixture of concrete and sand or vermiculite. This material is applied approximately 1.5” – 2” thick over the bottom and is troweled smoothed by hand.

  12. Installing the liner
    As soon as the bottom is finished, the liner is spread across the pool and dropped into place. The top edge of the liner hooks neatly into the coping while the remainder is drawn tight around the pool sides and bottom with a special vacuum. Once a foot or so of water is in the pool, Broadway Pools attaches the fittings and cuts away the excess liner material from around the stairs. When the pool is full of water, Broadway Pools will test all of the components, add sanitizer as necessary, and review their operation with you.

  13. Enjoy – Enjoy – Enjoy
    With your Broadway Pools pool completed you are bound to have plenty of relaxing times around your house with friends and family.