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The Broadway Pools Gunite Pool Building Process Back

Building a swimming pool can be broken up into different "stages" of construction. Lets take a look at what they are:
  1. Pool Layout
    Once the shape of the future pool and spa has been determined, the pool should be painted out exactly as drawn on the design sheet. The customer will look over the layout at actual size and determine if the location, size, and appearance is what they want. (sometime pools look a little different once they are painted at full size)

  2. Excavation
    Once the layout is complete it's time to start digging. Chances are in Central Texas the pool will be nestled in a solid bed of limestone so a big rock-hammer is usually needed. Highly skilled excavators can chisel a nearly perfect form of a pool through solid rock or dirt.

  3. Steel
    Once the pool is completely dug, a nearly solid layer of steel rebar is added 4-6 inches above the surfaces to re-enforce the Gunite structure that is coming.

  4. Forming
    Pools and spas are always built higher that the existing ground for drainage purposes which is why forming is required. The part of the pool that will be above the ground is shaped out of wood to support the Gunite application like a mold in some cases.

  5. Plumbing
    The PVC plumbing is set throughout the pool at the appropriate locations and secured, then pressurized with water to ensure water-tight integrity throughout the building process.

  6. Gunite
    Gunite is a mixture of concrete, sand, and water that is applied through a high pressure hose system. This process ensures a uniform mixture, a compact application, and allows the Gunite to pack tightly on vertical surfaces.

  7. Tile and Coping
    The styles and colors of tiles and copings are endless. Once the Gunite shell has cured the tile and coping are installed on the pool surfaces in a process that ensures the pool is perfectly level on all sides. Any decorative tile work in the pool such as mosaics are also installed during this stage.

  8. Electrical
    The control system and the equipment is installed along with any additional landscaping outlets and/or lighting. We, at Broadway Pools, are certified electricians.

  9. Decking
    Decking layout and deck work will commence after the coping has been finished. The deck is poured sloping away from the pool at a 1/8" grade to ensure proper drainage away from the pool.

  10. Gas
    If a spa or pool heater has been installed, a master plumber will hook the propane or natural gas line to the associated equipment and pressure test the system.

  11. Clean-up
    A professional construction cleaning crew will remove any debris left around the job site, fill ruts, and spread sand and loam around the pool to promote grass re-growth if necessary.

  12. Plaster
    There are many different colors and typed of plaster to choose from. A calcium marcite plaster is hand applied using trowels and smoothed to nearly flawless finish. The most popular colors are the various tones of gray that create beautiful shades of blue when the pool is filled with water. We also do Pebble Tec, 3M, Diamond Brite, among others.

  13. Start-up
    Once the pool is filled with water and the plaster has settled, the pool equipment is started and controls adjusted. Chemicals to balance the water are added, and customers are instructed how to operate their new pool and systems.

  14. Now it is time to SWIM!!!!