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Q. What are the differences between a Gunite and a Vinyl Liner Pool?
A. The Gunite Pool (typically the pool at your local public park) and Vinyl Liner Pools are both excellent pool interiors and Broadway Pools builds both equally well. Please ask your sales representative the differences because there are a few; among them: Gunite Pools: Resale Value in your home and pool may be a little higher with a gunite pool. The reason is not so much that one pool is better or worse than the other style, it is due to the fact people are more familar with Gunite than Vinyl in Central Texas. In regards to Vinyl Liner Pools: one main advantage would be price. You can get more pool for less money when you purchase vinyl instead of gunite.
Q. What are the pros and cons of a salt water pool?
A. Not many cons. Salt water pools are cheaper to maintain. No need to buy and store harmful chemicals. You do not have the harmful effects of chlorine i.e. eating elastics out of your suits, friendly to dyed hair, excellent for light skin disorders. Your hair is softer as the salt used is a water softening salt. Be very conscious of the fact that you must make sure your pool is balanced at all times as you will have to add stabilizer. When the hot summer comes and everybody is throwing every chemical in the world at the pool trying to keep it clear, you will have peace of mind. Just like the Caribbean, but with 1/10th the salt content. You won’t make a mistake going for the salt; it’s worth the extra money.
Q. Gunite vs Vinyl Liner, what items of upkeep may I expect?
A. Broadway Pools guarantees their gunite pool shell for the lifetime of the pool. The gunite pool may have to be acid washed periodically and possibly resurfaced every 10 years. In regards to the vinyl liner pools, the consumer will have to replace the liner approximately every 10 years.
Q. How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home?
A. In texas, where the swim season is longer than in most states, you can see, depending on the pool and amenities added, you can see a return of about 60% on the initial cost of the pool, spa, etc. Some aspects are even higher. For instance the outdoor Chimney, a consumer may realize almost 100% return on investment.
Q. Do salt water pools cause excessive corrosion to pool equipment?
A. No, pool sanitized with a salt water system does not cause corrosion or damage to a standard pool or equipment because the amount of salt actually in the water is at a very low concentration.
Q. How Much Does a Pool Cost?
A. This is an excellent question. Pools range from $20,000.00 on up to almost any amount you want to spend. we build equally well, Gunite and Vinyl Liner Pools and as stated previously, vinyl liner pools are generally less expensive. We have built numerous, beautiful pools that range from simple to the most sophisticated in design and we can fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles. Ultimately the guiding factors that determine a pool's cost are its size, features, terrain of your lot, plat survey, equipment and materials. An accurate estimate is obtained when one of our design professionals consult with you, determine your desires, budget and possibilities as determined by your plat/survey.
Q. How do I begin the process?
A. When you make the initial call to our office we will ask a few questions about the type of pool you are thinking about. What features you are looking for in a pool and how you think you will use it. Then we set up an appointment with you to look at your site, on this first visit we will be taking measurements, checking utilities, looking at the grade and taking photographs of your yard. It is always best if all parties wanting input on the overall design be present at this first meeting, this way we don't come back with something one or the other does not like. At the end of this first meeting we will set a time for our second meeting to show you our design, and then we will go back to our office and design a plan that will incorporate those features you desire.
Q. How do we pay for the pool?
A. We invoice you as work progresses and are paid by a draw schedule that is agreeable to both parties. Our payments vary depending on the size of the project it may be as few as 4 payments or as many as 8 payments. Our final payment is always paid at completion.
Q. When will my pool be completed?
A. Depending on weather conditions, a standard pool make take as little as 30 days to build; an elaborate pool can take longer. Many of the delays in construction can be related to rain in the spring and summer and freezing temperatures in the fall and winter.
Q. Some of the pool builders we have talked to said they will match their competitor’s price, does Broadway Pools do this?
A. We have seen this time and again and it is impossible to do. Most of the pool companies that try this eventually file for Bankruptcy and go out of business. You do not want them going out of business during construction of your pool. Pool Builders who do this often do not know what their actual costs are, let alone what ours are. We have a better process to price our pools, and by going over it with our customers; they can see exactly where their money is going. We also build our pools to a higher standard, when you contract with Broadway Pools you are getting the best of everything from construction materials to equipment to warranties. We can't build all the pools in Texas and some of the people that do buy pools from our competitors believe "a pool is a pool." We can assure you that they are wrong, that just isn't the case. Construction costs vary greatly and if the price looks too good to be true it probably is. So as you can see it is impossible to match pricing.