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The decision to investigate and to purchase a pool is one of the biggest any homeowner can undertake. It’s like buying a car; purchasing an addition to your home, finding a good plumber or mechanic. The major factor is whom can you trust with this major investment? We, sincerely, appreciate your consideration of Broadway Pools, Inc., locally owned and operated, and we want to earn your trust because once you find an honest and trustworthy plumber, mechanic and, now, a pool company, you will stay with that company, provided they back up their product and they are HONEST. We will be just that.

There are a number of reasons why Broadway Pools was established. First, Family is everything. The officers and employees all have children, or grandchildren, between the ages of 2-teenagers and we know it sometimes is a troubling world out there. We wanted our children/grandchildren to play in a safe and secure environment, with our homes being the “place to play”. What better way than to have a swimming pool around which to congregate?

Second: The hardest thing in any construction job or major purchase is to find someone you can trust! Broadway Pools motto is “Elegance at an Affordable Price;” but, it could just as easily be “Honesty is the Best Policy” but unfortunately that one, I think, has already been used. We know that there are many unsavory characters & businesses out there trying to get your dollar. Broadway Pools, Inc. will be honest and trustworthy throughout all dealings.

Third: Is our experience in the business. Broadway Pools, Inc. is fully staffed and utilizes only the most experienced and honest staff, sales people and construction people. Our builders have built literally hundreds of pools. At no time, will you ever get a builder who is building their 1st, 10th or even 20th pool. All builders are highly experienced, technically savvy and, again, honest.

Last, but, maybe not least, is price. We, at Broadway Pools, Inc., cannot imagine being beaten on price. With this said, we will never sacrifice quality, for price. We feel strongly that our prices are comparable to anyone in the industry and welcome comparisons. In fact, we will supply a comparison sheet for your convenience. The reasons why we feel our prices cannot be beat is because we are not greedy; we have an extremely low overhead; and, because we are experienced enough in all facets of the business which eliminates wasted time and efforts.

Please contact any of our associates with any questions or requests. We will look forward to speaking with you.

Best Regards,

Richard Leaf